Sunday, 5 November 2006

Scandinavia part 7: Leaving it home!

I arrived in Oslo from Kristiansund on 1st of November just to find my flight to Amsterdam is cancelled,
and by the time i got to the KLM service desk, the Lufthansa flight that left 20 minutes after my original one was fully booked which left me with no option but switching to a later flight, the only option i found was to fly on Autrian airlines next morning 7:00 through Vienna (of course!), so first of all i have more than 12 hours free with nothing to do, and second, i have to get my luggage out of SAS, this was done quite without problems, i just went down, waited for a while and they got them out on the belt again, i took them, put them into storage and decided to go to Oslo.
I got out at the central station and headed for Karl Johans gate to do some shopping and ended up buying a sweater for my sister, one for my father and makeup for me and my mother, i kept walking around, bought myself a chocolate then started walking through the streets heading nowhere till i got to National Theatre so i decided to head for Aker Brygge, i walked along it, turned around, found a nice pizza place and decided to stop for dinner, i had a nice meal, then i decided to see if i can catch any internet there, and here we go, they had a free wireless netwrok, i checked my mails, wrote a mail to a friend, had a cup of tea then started walking back to the central station to catch the last train back to the airport.
I arrived at the airport at about 1a.m, found me a nice bench, ate my chocolate, read a little, then slept till 5a.m., got up, washed my face, got my luggage, and checked in, my journey back home started, all went ok in the middle, and i finally reached my dear Cairo at 3p.m. My dear warm Cairo, my home, my family...

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