Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Erik in Cairo part 1: The Pyramids of Giza & Egyptian food

Erik arrived in Cairo early on Monday and i met him that same evening...
He spent his first hours in Cairo walking around and he also managed to watch the sunrise on the Nile.

On Monday, i met him at around 7p.m. after looping around Zamalek for a while till i found the spot i was looking for, especially with the way the streets are organized (!!) there, the same street can have one direction at the start, the opposite direction in the middle that switches again in the end!
We drove around for a while but it was so crowded (as usual) so we didn't get to far, it was from Zamalek to Tahrir and back.
Then it was time for dinner, for a real Egyptian dinner...Of course Abou el Seed in Zamalek, and a Norwegian man tasted Egyptian Hamam Mahshy (stuffed pigeons), Molokheyya (this has no translations) and Tagen of shrimps, not mentioning the salads, the place has a special atmosphere that's really old Egyptian style, arabic music is playing and the dinner was really nice, Erik enjoyed his experience with the food (but so did I), although the place was really loud, we had good time.
Tuesday was time for some history, one of the seven wonders of the world...probably the greatest of them all...the pyramids, we arrived there and of course the first thing we found was loads of people attacking us with offers to go around the area on horses or camels and promising all the discounts and calculating how much we'll pay if we took their offer and how much if we don't and so on and so forth.
We managed to get rid of them at last and started walking around the giants, we walked all around the pyramids, took some photos, went up and down and around, of course decsended to the sphinx, took some more photos.
Two things that really impressed Erik were the desert, it was the first time he sees it right in front of him, and how the pyramids where so closely surrounded by buildings and people living there (and i think i can totally understand him).
Then it was time for a nice meal, a cup of tea and lots of chatting. Then we started feeling quite exhausted and decided to call it a day...a really nice day.


  1. AUTHOR: Announah
    DATE: 11/26/2006 03:59:14
    Welcome Erik :)
    I kinda know you from the stories that we always hear from Maria when she's back every vacation.
    i used to call you "the man who lives on an island of (30) people" :D
    that was very weird for us, because Egypt is even more than the double of (30) Millions.
    anyway hoping you like Egypt, and have some fun.
    even though i feel a little jealous because since you've arrived, i'm not able to see my lovely friend.
    but what can i say?? ther are only 9 days that you have here. So Enjoy.
    I feel a little surprised that you liked the Koshary, because i'm one of some very few Egyptians that don't like it at all.
    i really wish you enjoy being here.
    Maria please let me see you soon.
    missing you girl!

  2. This is Erik's reply for Announah (sent by mail, and asked me to forward it, sent on 1st of Dec):

    As you sound as the girl of the city of 18 million people all i want to say is that i have had a wonderful time in Cairo and that even though i have only 9 days to enjoy the company of Maria i have used them to the best. I think we both are feeling that we need more of her time than we get. Poor Maria that have to choose between friends like us!!
    Anyway i hope that you found Maria in good shape after i have misused her as an travel guide for 9 days, and thanks for your welcome:D