Where to buy fabrics if you're in or around the Oslo area? Or if not, where to buy online?
Where to buy fabrics if you're in Cairo?

Here's a list of places I like to visit to shop for fabrics and other sewing and crafts related items 😃:

In Oslo:

Stoff & Stil
Storgata 11
A good selection of everyday fabrics. They have a lot of nice cotton and viscose in different weights, both woven and knit/jersey among other stuff.
Also a decent selection of haberdashery, yarn and all kind of crafts and accessories kits.

Saab Tekstil
Smalgangen 9, Grønland
Pretty much the best selection in town for party dresses. Laces...silks...satins...etc...
A bit on the pricey side though 😏

Rainbow Fashion
Rubina Ranas gate 1, Grønland

Rainbow Tekstil
Storgata 28

Lakshmi Stoffhus
Grønlandsleiret 1

All the above have websites but I never really used them, since it's just as easy to go there. Stoff & Stil's page is good for inspiration, browsing and planning though.

Wania Tekstil
Brugata 3

In Drammen:

Stoff & Stil
Gråterudveien 1
See the Oslo entry above. This is my go to shop as it's big and not as visited as its Oslo's brother, it's also so easy to reach for me by car and has free parking 😁

In Cairo:

Hawaa (حواء)
Abd el Aziz El Gholmi street, off Abbas El Akkad, Nasr City
Gorgeous fabrics both Egyptian and imported for both everyday clothes and special occasions.

Mira Class (ميرا كلاس)
Abd el Aziz El Gholmi street, off Abbas El Akkad, Nasr City
Right across the street from Hawaa, also gorgeous fabrics of all sorts available.

Dantella (دانتيلا)
Muhammad Hussein Haikal street, parallel to Abbas El Akkad
Not far from the other two, their selection is also good although not as wide as the other two. It's still worth a visit as the three shops have different selections.


There are a lot of online stores if you're willing to pay the shipping costs. I'm not one of those that does that so I look for those that use standard mail service to send the products and therefore have decent shipping costs, helping me fit into the NOK 350 customs-free limit to buy online from outside Norway.

Here are my favorites:

A Danish shop that also has a webshop and ships cheaply enough to Europe. Good sales, good customer support and good selection of fabrics and other stuff.

English fabric heaven! Loads of awesome fabrics and other stuff, great customer support here too and fixed shipping price!
The webshop has one drawback though, it doesn't recognize parts of meters and will automatically round down (so if you type 1.7m, it'll assume 1m 😕). But! If you're picky like me and don't want to buy 2m instead of 1.7m say, then you can order by phone, or even by e-mail and they send you a PayPal pay order.

Stofkiosken.dk or tyg.se
This is the same shop. The first link is in Danish, the second in Sewdish. Both send to Norway for about 75 kroner.
This shop is available locally in more countries as well, so if you don't live in Norway or Sweden or Denmark, check the site and see if it exists where you live also.

This is the shop I newly opened myself. The concept is Egyptian cotton for apparel. I have a lot of woven cottons, a lot of viscose, some wool and much more coming up. You'll like it, give it a try 😊.


  1. Hi, this is so useful, thank you for this post. Ever since I moved to Norway I am trying to find creative ways to get the fabric. I love Stoff og Stil, very good selection of good quality fabric and have been ordering online and buying fabric in their store in Stavanger. But I was also wondering what is else out there that I can use conveniently here in Norway. I will try your recommendations :)

    1. Glad you found this useful, I'll try to add more as I discover and try them.
      The more I interact with people who sew however, the more I find small shops here and there, also online. Why not come this Saturday to the Design by me fair in Lillestrøm? A good way to see what's available. I'm also trying to arrange a little meeting between some ladies who love to sew but have never met before and going to this fair. 1. To get new sewing friends and 2. It's a bit more fun to mingle a bit and not just roam the stalls all alone 😊 If you decide to come, I'll add you to our little bunch, just let me know ☺
      You can read more about the fair at designbyme.no