Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Bella Italia: Pisa

This was an unplanned spur of the moment thing. I discovered Pisa was nearby looking at the maps at some point and made bambi eyes at my husband to stop by (although it wasn't on the route at all).

By the time we left Florence it was already around 5 in the evening, the only thing we wanted to achieve that evening is to catch Pisa in the daylight to take some photos. I wasn't planning to go inside or do more climbing, and Erik agreed.

Today by the way we finally got through to the luggage delivery people and located our bag, it didn't go far from Milano Malpensa, it only went to the other side of town close to Milano Linato. Duh! But at least they had it, and we told them to keep it, we'll pick it up tomorrow. There was no way it'd have caught up with us otherwise now the planned bit of the route was over...But basically that meant we have the evening to spend somewhere before driving to pick it up and used that evening on Pisa.

We did reach it in the sunlight and now we can tick this one off the list as well. I've seen the leaning tower of Pisa! But if you're going there take a look at the rest, the whole complex is another architectural piece of art. This is similar to the complex of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. There's a cathedral, a baptistry, a bell tower (yup, the leaning one), the camposanto (a cemetery of sorts) and a museum. So the tower is just a little part of it.

We walked around, we took photos, then found a cafe nearby and had dinner. Day 3 dinner: Pizza!

Spent the night is a gorgeous little place in the countryside nearby. Too bad we arrived in the dark, and left right after breakfast next morning. But I took a couple of photos before we did 😃

Hotel close to Pisa: Villa Rinascimento near Lucca, 3 stars, impression: Beautiful villa, beautiful surroundings, good enough rooms. But you need a car to get there.

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