Thursday, 24 August 2017

Graffiti bomber (or bomber jacket v2)

Not so long ago I made myself a bomber jacket. It got so many compliments and I even got requests from mostly family and a friend to make them similar ones. 😊

Now I'm the type who gets bored of looking at people's makes if they keep making the same things over and over again, or apply the same idea to so many garments. I get really bored! So if you're like me I apologize beforehand. You will be seeing more bomber jackets here. Same model, different fabrics and colors.

Bomber #2 was made for my friend Karen. Everybody who wanted one was informed that unfortunately my fabric was bought on sale and is now sold out and were pointed to the Minerva crafts website to choose something else. Karen's choice fell on a fabric I have to admit I was skeptical about in the beginning. It was busy! But when it landed in my mailbox and I took it out, I was like: hell yeah! This will be really cool! I have to also say that I was planning a blue shade for the cuffs/collar/waistband bits, but Karen wanted black...well, she couldn't be more right, it made the jacket look super cool and so versatile you can match it to pretty much anything.

The sewing was no different than mine, same pattern, same size, easy peasy. But I did take the time and overlocked all the seams for a neater and more professional look. And I went for a metal zipper instead of a plastic one to go with the graffiti look of the fabric. I did also pay special attention to the Chinese dolls and made sure they're featured here and there, they're so cool!

Karen took her bomber on a trip to the US of A and wore it a few times there, posted already quite a few photos on Instagram, got compliments on it and brought me back a box of chocolate from San Francisco and a fridge magnet from Las Vegas 👍

Pattern: Burda Easy 1/2014 #1C
Fabric: Graffiti scuba from Minerva Crafts (
            Black rib jersey and zipper from Stoff & Stil (
Photos taken on Venice beach, Los Angeles.

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