Friday, 7 July 2017

Star shirt

For quite a while since I started sewing, shirts have intimidated me...They're one item where fit is crucial everywhere! Shoulders, neck, waist, back, etc...And there are a lot of details and pieces, back yoke, collar with a stand, cuffs, button plackets. And until now I think they're the most demanding garment to sew properly.

But I really wanted a classic denim shirt, and I have been training up to the task 😁. I made a shirt for Erik and later one for a friend, both took a good deal of patience and discipline, but also both turned out pretty good.

I knew from the start I wanted light denim with stars "bleached" into it, which I found and bought at but I have to admit that the stars were a lot bigger than I expected (and wanted) when it arrived in my mailbox. The disappointment was short lived though as the bigger stars still looked good. I also knew from the start that I wanted snaps rather than buttons/buttonholes and a bit of browsing revealed these cool golden stars on Minerva Crafts that I decided to go for.

The pattern choice was easy. I just wanted a pretty standard looking denim shirt. So I went for Burda young #6849 from the FW2016/17 catalogue and went for view A with the extra details 😇. I liked the shoulder yokes and the pockets with flaps.

For this project I didn't deviate from the pattern instructions at all, just tried as best I could to pattern match the shoulder yokes and pockets/flaps so they're in one flow with the whole front piece. I also discovered the awesomeness of the Prym snap fastener installation tool. I never new snaps can be so easy!

As with all shirts in my life, the shoulders of the size I usually sew are too narrow for me, so I went one size up for the whole shirt.

I've worn it a few times already and I totally love my new shirt!


  1. Great shirt you nailed the fit and I love the little star buttons..

    1. Thank you so much Beccki! :) <3

  2. Maria, this shirt is awsome, it looks so good on you and you have done a great job matching the pockets! Snaps are indeed a great solution, no need for buttonholes and still the result is professional!

    1. Thank you so much Aida! I've favored snaps for a long time as I've been really intimidated by buttonholes 😅