Monday, 19 June 2017

While waiting for the Norwegian summer

While the weather in Norway still can't decide whether it's summer or not really, its brother in Tunisia had very decisively moved into early summer when I was there middle of May.

The pattern I fell in love with
The fabric of choice

I developed a kind of habit since I started sewing, to make something new for every upcoming vacation in a new country. Tunisia got to see my first ever trendy cold shoulder top with an embroidered neckband.

I like the cold shoulder trend, I think it's really cool and can be casual and relaxed all the way to cute and feminine (which is a style I do like to look at very much, but not wear, it doesn't go with my personality I feel). The decision was not based on a long thought process, I really liked the model when it came out in Burda Style 03/2017 and really wanted to make it, that's it.

The fabric I used is a cotton/polyester poplin that I originally bought to make a pajama shirt (quite cheap) from Rainbow Tekstil in Oslo. The pajamas never happened and this sunny yellow piece was still lying in one of my fabric drawers when I decided on this top and was selected for it.

The original pattern is shown in white with embroidery in turquoise, red, peach and ochre. For my yellow fabric, I decided to go for white, red, blue and green instead.

This pattern had both pleats and gathers on the front and sleeves, but I wanted it to be simpler so I kept the pleats but got rid of the gathers. See How I did it!

As most of what I make, it's not perfect, There's some extra yellow sticking out under one side of the neck band, and removing the gathers from the front piece wasn't super smart as it took away quite a bit of ease in the bust area. But all in all I'm really happy with it and wore it twice with pride 😊