Friday, 2 June 2017

A taste of Tunisia: The island of Djerba

To be honest, there isn't much informative I can tell you about Djerba apart from telling you that the Friday market in Midoun is not worth the effort, especially if you've already been through the markets of Tunis, in which case this will be a total disappointment.

What I've done was to book a room at a hotel I know and trust that would be a bit more luxurious than the Tunis one, the Radisson 😋. And the reason I came here was sun, sea and sandy beach.

Did I get what I was out after? ABSOLUTELY! The weather was sunny and warm (although windy and sometimes cold windy...), the sea although still coldish, was warmer than any time I've jumped into the Oslo or Drammen fjords 😁, sandy beaches, a little bar/cafe on the beach...In short I had a great time, sunbathed, swam in the Med and generally chilled.

My vacation in Tunisia was great. Friendly people, beautiful places, beautiful beaches, eggs and tuna in most of their food 😄...It's the kind of country that has enough to offer to keep you busy but not too busy, where you can see enough and still take it easy.

Simply a good vacation...

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