Sunday, 21 May 2017

A taste of Tunisia: A vacation begins

I just came back from a week's vacation in Tunisia that I really loved. It's a country I always wanted to visit and experience, and some time ago I was talking about it with my little sister and we laughed about meeting there one day (given I'm in Norway and she's in Egypt that is...).

Finally this February we decided to do it and started making a plan, got more travel companions signing on: my husband and my mom, and 12th of May we got on our planes towards this little visited pearl of North Africa.

And now that I'm back, happy, relaxed and a bit tanned, I wanted to put some short posts (or biscuits 😊) about my Tunisian experience.

The trip didn't start so great. I had a flight via Frankfurt that decided to stop flights because of some thunderstorms in the north of Germany that never made it to Frankfurt but that delayed our flight from Oslo enough for us to miss our connection to Tunis. Luckily Lufthansa picked up the bill and gave us a hotel room and a dinner voucher and put us on a flight early but not too early next morning, so we technically didn't lose any vacation days in Tunis.

Then we got on an overpriced taxi to out hotel when we landed that charged us more than triple the amount he should've paid. Wasn't totally unexpected but still unpleasant.

The hotel or rather the guesthouse was in the old town. Houses packed next to each other, a narrow maze of streets, loads of street cats...It wasn't even visible from the street until people pointed at a little door at the end of a tiny alley. Inside life was quite different. It was a renovated traditional family house with an inner courtyard with a little fountain, the guestrooms overlooking this courtyard from the second floor. All clean and nice, a good although small breakfast whenever you wake up and ask for it and tea/coffee/water whenever you want and as much as you want for no extra charge 👍. It was cozy and quite a different experience from your usual hotels especially that we were the only guests during the days we stayed there.

Taxis were cheap enough to use them to go everywhere and we did exactly that.

The first destination after arriving at the guesthouse, getting greeted with tea, relaxing, freshening up and changing stinky travel clothes was the picturesque seaside town (or suburb of Tunis) Sidi Bou Said. But that's in the next biscuit 😉

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