Thursday, 7 April 2011

I'm in paradise! The Maldives! Male...

Once upon a time, when I was 12 years old or so, I saw pictures of the Maldives in a magazine, and since then it just became a dream that back then I thought I'll never bring to life, but... 15 years later, I actually did...

Landed in Male in the middle of the night, got through the quickest immigration ever and walked out. The guy who met us at the airport, a Maldivian (yes, they exist!) was slightly suspicious, sounded as if doped... hmmm, didn't look good. It's not until the next morning when we went around the capital island sightseeing and spoke to more people that we realized he wasn't, they all sound like that, the accent is hilarious. I liked the Maldivians though, they're pretty relaxed and friendly, easy to have around... quite chilled.

There's obviously a lot of other nationalities from nearby countries working there, Indians, Bangladeshis and loads of Sri-Lankans.

Now Male is a small island, seriously small, but it's still one of the biggest in the country, small streets, no asphalt, streets are paved with special bricks, a pleasant city with not really much to see, bustling with people, full of small restaurants and cafes all over, a beautiful shore line, the clearest turquoise colored waters you'll ever see and a range of relatively expensive but good hotels. A one day trip, and it was worth the time.

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