Saturday, 30 January 2010

Amman, memories and feelings

As has been the case lately, this was another necessity. Passport renewal.

This happenned last December, it was getting cold (proved by my upset stomach later on the day of my arrival) but still sun was warmly and brightly shining (which explains why i didn't put my jacket on). In short, a beautiful day!

I managed to convince my aunt who lives in the capital that she doesn't need to pick me up as i've rented a car at the airport and started my drive into the city center looking for the passport office so i don't have to waste time next day doing that.

Now Amman is a city with quite a topology, a lot of hills and ups and downs...I was driving peacefully in the old streets (in the north-east direction) going up...up...up, until suddenly down started, AND THAT WAS ONE HELL OF A SIGHT!!! Steeply going down was the street i'm on, and ahead of me a view of all Amman suddenly opened that took by breath away. That city is beautiful, it really is. And the more i drove through its streets looking around me, the more i realized that.

I don't remember the last time i actually had the time and mood to look around me, I'm not from Amman but a small city in the north of Jordan called Irbid, so i drove to Amman from the other side normally and always on an errand or a visit or shopping etc...But now that i had pretty much the whole day with nothing to do, i took it all in, i should have done that earlier, i should have looked and realized what a beautiful capital my country actually has,i should have taken it in and enjoyed every moment there, i should have recommended it to people going there rather than going indefferent about it when they asked. But now i know, and now i want to go back again, i want to befriend that city and see it more often.

Amman...I love you.

P.S. This photo is not taken by me, i found it on the internet, had to show you something :)

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