Thursday, 3 December 2009

Konark - The sun temple

So it was one of these times where you have to stay extra in one place because of an official somewhere who refuses to give you the correct document ending up with you having to do extra paper work to set everything 'legal', etc...

I had to stay in Bhubaneswar waiting for the foreign registry superman to come back from the carnival to sign and stamp my papers since the embassy in Egypt incessantly gave me an employment visa instead of a business one... Anyway...

Sunday was free, a friend form the boat was staying back as well (to go touristing though) and we decided to see the famous Sun temple in Konark.

The thing is a real piece of art, extremely fine carving was done there, and it's said that there's an opening in the ceiling that makes the sun shine straight above a statue of God at a certain time of day (Midday, i suppose?). The weather was really nice as well, sunny but not too hot or humid, just good.

One thing about this 'temple' though is that most of the figures on its outer walls are basically straight from kama sutra! A lot of sex related themes, it was a bit shocking really, very pornish to my arabic/east european upbringing (they even had threesomes up there!), the feeling of awkwardness was also increased by the size and detail in some of the figures...ok, enough about that, let's talk about a different place :) (Can't deny it was generally a very beautiful piece of architecture!!!)

P.S. If anybody advises you to visit Puri, don't go unless you're a hindu, the main thing about that city is the Jagannath temple, it's active and only hindus are allowed inside...too bad :(


  1. hey! Puri is nice! :D it's my favourite sea-side place! of course, you've got to bypass the temple entirely :)

    and I'll not even go into the fall-outs of a family trip to Konark :P

  2. Oh yes you will...

  3. Very informative post. Konark Sun Temple is also called as Konark Temple. Temple is attract tourist, it is located in Orissa india.The chariot is very huge and has 12 pairs of stone-carved wheels and also a squad of seven running horses. Seven horses, symbolizes the seven days of the week, 12 pairs of wheels symbolizes the 12 months of the year.

  4. Fantastic comments. Regards Maria !