Wednesday, 7 October 2009


I've been here twice, both unintentionally, both short, therefore i don't have that much to say about it.

First time was thanks to a port stay that was suddenly moved from Den Helder to IJmuiden, resulting in me being half an hour from the city, together with 3 others from the boat we got on the fast boat and went into Amsterdam, walked around a little bit, found the red light district, basically a quick pace two hours with the following impression: Dirty, crowded, boring and low ... really low.Second time it was a last minute flight change because of an Aeroflot screw-up that left me in Amsterdam for 7 hours, this time it was a relaxed walking around, different streets, further into the city, nice sunny weather, this time i actually enjoyed it, it felt quite different from the first time i came here, i suppose it wasn't really a time for tourism, giving the city a more sincere look, my walk was really nice, followed by some fruitful shopping :) Amsterdam is not bad at all :)

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  1. Heeey Maria! Long time no see....
    I didn't know you had a blog all that time! Nice posts by the way. Really interesting stuff :)

    Can't believe you didn't like Amsterdam the first time you visited it :) I literally fell in love with it from the first moment (even during tourism season). Have you tried renting a bike and cycling around or visiting the museum of history? I just followed one of these eye travelers guides and I would say that it really paid off, and I was one VERY satisfied tourist.

    Ah, one last thing, if by any chance you dropped by Dublin one day, give me a shout so we can meet. I live there now