Sunday, 11 November 2007

Salalah-lala in the morning :)

It was one of these occasional countries i had to pass through on my way to the vessel...Oman.
The crew change was to take place in Salalah where we arrived in the afternoon and were basically leaving same day in the evening.

Me being me as usual, i couldn't let that city pass by without taking a look. Got a map from the hotel and off i went.

Salalah is a relatively small city by the sea, but it's on a pretty wide area, so it was long walking all around. The feeling is that of a normal gulf city, it's like being in the arabic part of Abu Dhabi, houses, shops, etc...

Nothing much to talk about there but the walk by the beach in the sunset felt really good and looked really beautiful, took my slippers off and walked barefoot by the water, i love doing that :) And that was regardless of the small crabs all over the beach, running around in sync with the waves...

The walk was long and nice until i got stopped by some soldiers because i apparently entered a prohibited military area, a fort right on the beach, nothing to stop you walking by really but those soldiers, and with my ipod in my ears, the guy had to run quite a bit :)

Then looking at my watch decided it's time to go get some food and rest before heading to the vessel, the KFC sandwich was warmly welcomed by my empty stomach :)

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