Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Back to Scandi1: Trondheim, Norway

So there i was again in my favourite little northern country...Norway, signing off from my vessel in Trondheim, it was more than natural spending some days there.

Trondheim also seemed appealing as i have my own private guide there, Erik, and now it was his turn to pay back for my guide services in Cairo, and i even got a bonus: A trip to Tarva.

Trondheim is a really cosy little city, i enjoyed walking all around it, seeing the famous Nidaros cathedral, the university, the old bridge, the old fisher houses (which are now transformed into one of the most expensive and glamorous spots in Trondheim), also seeing Trampe (the bike lift up what is possibly the steepest street in the city).

The walk was very pleasant across all the greens, all the traditional old houses with different colours, and it's actually a law there that no two buildings standing together can have the same colour and that colours must be approved by the city authorities! Which i personally find as a great idea to preserve the taste of that sweet city.

A dinner by the water at the old docks was a very good idea too, i'm sure it would have been even better if it wasn't raining that hard, but still i enjoyed it a lot, cosy place, good pizza, pleasant company, what else would you need? I really liked the atmosphere and the spirit of that city altogether, had great days there.

The trip to Tarva was even more special, Tarva is an island quite close to Trondheim, and it's the place where Erik was born. Lucky as i am with the weather (sometimes), i got quite a sunny day there which could also be described as warm . The place is small with houses at far distances apart, an old school that doesn't function anymore and a tiny church, initiated and build by the locals, of course, walking around, you see sheep everywhere of course, and you enjoy the green but a bit rough nature there, and the fact that all this is surrounded by water that you can see on your sides sometimes makes it feel very peaceful, a perfect spot for me to take a few days off.

An impressive part about Tarva s well is the forest planted by Erik's grand-grandfather (i actually think he planted two) with trees from Russia...yup, really impressive.

Erik's parents own an amazingly nice house right on the water, it was a store before that they bought and rebuilt into a house and it turned out in a peace of art, i was told about it before going but i never expected it to be that great.

These were probably the best 5 days of vacation in my life, and i'll definitely repeat that...more than once.

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