Sunday, 29 July 2007

Invading UK11: Southampton

As i was recently promoted in work, and as i felt really depressed in the last few days onboard the Bluefin, my dear Erik insisted i need a nice break in a new place just to relax, enjoy my time and basically just wander around. Well, he decided to make me a surprise and as i like surprises i didn't ask much about it, and just patiently, like a good girl, waited for it.

On the last Friday before flying home, Erik met me after work, took me to the train station, and till the moment i was down on the platform i didn't know where we were going, then it turned out to be Southampton.
The journey took about two hours, passing by beautiful fields (full of rabbits) and i actually enjoyed my ride. Reaching there, we looked at a city map and decided to walk to our hotel at the waterfront.
The first thing that really impressed us both was the local accent, i needed to fully concentrate to get what the girl at the reception desk was telling me while Erik almost didn't get a word she said 😄. The rooms turned out to be really nice, nice comfy beds, big windows, beautiful strong showers!! (after the humiliating one i had in my room in Gatwick) with a full range of good products there, i would say one of the hotels with my stamp of approval (Next to Marriott Warsaw "the best ever", Ramada Doha and Hilton Aberdeen). The evening was spent mostly chatting and relaxing, i also fell asleep early, i so much needed this change.
Next day breakfast in the room, then me and Erik had a long walk around the city and its waterfront, the weather was perfect, sunny and warm...We walked all around then back to the city center where we had dinner at a Greek restaurant and both enjoyed it a lot. The thing special about that city is the enormous amount of old walls encircling and penetrating the city, they give it a really nice and gothic feel.
Then we navigated back to the hotel, had tea/coffee, chatted some more and i slept as long as i wanted, with no alarm clocks, no work, no worries.
Sunday morning, breakfast in the hotel's sun lit restaurant, more walking around then off to the station to go back to Gatwick. I didn't take any pictures though and that's the only thing i'm sad about.
But all in all, this was one of my best weekends ever ... Thanks Erik

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