Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Erik in Cairo part 6: Tahrir to Maadi...WALKING!

Last day, Cairo has been explored to the most, all important (and even not important) places visited...This day has been mostly spent walking!

I met up with Erik somewhere between 1 and 2p.m. parked the car and we went walking along the Nile, walked from Ramsis Hilton in Tahrir square, passed Garden city...Manyal...Other old parts of Cairo...till we reached Maadi and kept walking to street 9. As usual, having a cup of tea (or coffee for Erik) was a really good idea after this long walk...caffeinaholics. Nice outdoor cafe with nice weather around, chatting and laughing...actually i don't remember when was the last time i laughed that much! About the "simple country guy", i still do every time i remember about it and just can't stop.
Then some Cairo exotics: Our most respectful subway! We surely weren't planning to go back to Tahrir walking again especially with me starting to shiver from the cold at night and we took the subway, it was ok when we got in but of course, it started getting more and more crowded along the line, looking at the distance we were standing from the door, Erik doubted that we'll be able to go out, he didn't know that we actually ask each other about going out at a certain station.
By then guess what? of course we were really hungry and it was time for a decent meal, more coffee/tea and again loads of talking and laughing.
Then the time came...yes, to drive Erik to the airport, after such an enjoyable week, it was quite hard to let him go, he flew back to Norway, i drove back home, both really happy about the enjoyable vacation looking forward to meeting each other again soon (although next time, it's going to be for work) in Doha, Qatar.

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