Sunday, 26 November 2006

Erik in Cairo part 3: The Citadel, Azhar park and more

Friday was just a normal weekend for me, while it was a busy day for my dear Norwegian friend.
He started his day going to the citadel, told me that he's quite impressed by the number of weapons he saw in the military museum up there, he saw that mosque with columns from different places (of which one came from an old church and still has a cross on its top).

Erik was also very impressed by Mohammad Ali's mosque, he went inside and he really liked it there, i personally like the big amount of lamps ad lanterns there...just beautiful.
Then he walked to the Azhar park, went around inside and somewhere there got with some kids who played around, asked where he was from and so on. He enjoyed it a lot there and looked very happy when i saw him later that evening...we also think that his T-shirt had something that attracted the kids.
At last i took him for the long promised Cinnabon, i probably needn't tell you that he enjoyed it just as much as i promised.
I also took Erik for a walk in our biggest, poshest mall, City Stars and then for a view from top of Mokattam platform, which was quite a view actually (although it would have been greater with less smog...Cairo the clean, no comment!).
My point of view, that was quite a rich day with quite a variety of places to see, did Erik enjoy it? hmmm...Ask him

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