Saturday, 25 February 2017

Next plans or "Sewing for others" collection

I mentioned my spring collection in my previous post. However! Some travel plans have changed and therefore the spring collection has to wait.

What I'll start with is the "Sewing for others" collection and if I still have time before travelling I might make something for the vacation I'm travelling to, but we'll see...

The plan is to make a few pieces for my little nephew just because he's cute and I love him 😄, a jumpsuit for my sister because she really liked mine and wanted one, a shirt for a friend who's impressed by my sewing and just really wants something made by me and I really really hope to finish the Ukrainian embroidered shirt I'm making for my other sister. I have finished embroidering one of the sleeves and started on the second but such works takes a lot of time and patience so again: We'll see...

Here are the planned garments:

The first in line is this cute shirt and pants for Zain (my nephew). I'll use woven cotton with a print for the shirt together with these teddy bear buttons, and dark blue cotton chambray and burnt orange cotton rib jersey for the pants.

The project after will also be for Zain. A body or romper in this light blue jersey with animals on, with edges finished in blue rib jersey and pants in striped rib jersey with a little cute rabbit on a thigh 😊

Then comes a jumpsuit in this floral black jersey for my little sister, with a bit of modification.

The shirt for my friend (or more precisely my sister's friend) will be this one in the picture above made of this gorgeous floral yellow and black poplin with butterfly buttons where they show and simple black ones where they don't. Again, with a bit of modification.

And last something in this spirit for my middle sister, I have the front done, one of the sleeves done, the other has been started, then it's just to sew the pieces together. But will I manage before mid-May?

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