Friday, 5 April 2013

Office Job

That I've had since October. And therefore, not much traveling is happening to write about anymore.

So what should I write about? That's the question that I've been asking myself since my last travel in September, and still asking myself till now... Well, I'm not stopping to write about places I've been, it's just that it became far less frequent, and with my "frequency" with writing, you can imagine how often (or rather not) this blog will be populated.

I have to admit, I did think about what to do with my blog to make it highly readable and maybe make some money out of it, but in that case my options are: Clothes, celebrities, fashion, cooking or sex, which rules out the money making option for me, being not interested to write about any of the above.

So I decided to go random, write about whatever, whenever I feel like it. Why not? I do write for myself in the first place, other readers just come as a bonus.

And therefore...
Randomness here I come!