Friday, 2 September 2011

I've been driving round Norway 2 days

Saturday: Voss - Bergen
 Yup, we did river rafting and it was loads of fun. Quite scary though when I got caught in an underwater eddie after falling out on the last bit, I seriously thought I was dying. But apart from that real fun.

The fog didn't lift much from our hotel's awesome view, so sadly we didn't get to enjoy that in the morning before heading off to the rafting center. An interesting piece of info about Voss rafting center is that there wasn't a single Norwegian instructor, guys from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada and Zimbabwe! I guess the interested Norwegians are rafting somewhere in the countries above :)

The drive to Bergen after that (and the highly needed shower and underwear change) was event-less and easy, the reason I was in Bergen again after leaving it a week or so ago at crew change was a birthday party, my ex-operator on the Spirit moved to the manufacturing center in Bergen where he now lives and he had a small party with some friends and colleagues.

The party had an Indian theme (Hari is Indian :) ), so there was a lot of great Indian food, a guy in traditional Indian clothing (kurta etc...), a lesson on the rules of Cricket and an attempt of a Bollywood movies and dancing presentation, but (happily) the CD refused to work. I enjoyed my time though and had a good chat with pleasant people.

Hari was also nice enough to let us spend the night at his place, before heading south the day after...

Thursday, 1 September 2011

I've been driving round Norway one day

Friday: Asker - Voss
Erik's idea. And a good one as usual. Started on a Friday evening from Asker after working hours (someone was working, not me). The plan was to get to Voss by midnight to get some good sleep, but it rained so much over Norway the day before that quite a bit was flooded and some roads/tunnels were closed. Instead of a 5-6 hour ride, it ended up being close to 10 hours due to the retour/detour we had to take. (see map :s). The red line is what we were supposed to drive, the blue is what we ended up doing :(

It was def. good to get to that hotel room and drop. We got rooms at Stalheim hotel with a breathtaking view, too bad it was foggy and almost dark when we got there...