Thursday, 23 March 2017

Last chance for skiing

And I took it!
It has been a winter with very little snow and inconsistent negative degrees this year (as was the case for the last few winters...climate change is at work!), so it hasn't been many chances to go skiing nearby for a day. We managed only one Saturday in Kongsberg.

Which was sad if you ask me, so I planned a skiing weekend in Trysil 😊. And man, I got lucky with the weekend I picked! Saturday was fantastic weather all day, good skiing conditions, sunshine, blue skies...(cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate 😁). Sunday wasn't bad either, a bit more cold, windy and grey but still great.

It was about time to go for one of these, I realized I missed skiing, and I have a new record on the speed test: 68.6 Km/hr (yaaaay!). Very happy me.

On the sewing front, there was also progress. I made that baby romper I was planning and I kinda hate how it turned out, the finish/work isn't neat enough for me to be happy, so to substitute I turned the "Sewing for others" collection to 8 pieces instead of 7 by adding a baby T-shirt to the plan.

I designed this one myself. Started from this pattern →

Then removed the front panel with snaps and the bias binding for neck and armholes, added color panels with flatlock stitching, short sleeves, a letter Z applique, and finished the neckline with rib jersey, and the result is this ↓

And that I'm happy with 😊. Now the baby part of the collection is done. And to be honest, about time. I miss sewing full size things and even more miss sewing for myself 😈

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Some fast days lately

It's amazing how much faster it goes when you're alone at home and have to make your own food! πŸ˜† Or when you get involved in something or other that requires a little bit every day...

My husband has been travelling for work most of last week and most of this week, and although the daily routine hasn't changed, I do spend part of my evening cooking and suddenly evenings are a lot shorter...

I've also joined an Instagram thing called MIY March, basically the organizers post a theme related to sewing everyday and we post a picture on that theme, they select 4 every day and one of those selected on Saturday wins the weekly prize (which is also sewing related items...fabric, patterns, books, vouchers at fabric stores, etc...). So far I haven't been selected, but at least its fun to try.

I continued embroidering in front of the TV on weekday evenings, and did sewing in the weekends, so I've actually made good progress in my planned "Sewing for others" list. The baby shirt and pants are done, as well as the pants from the (romper and pants pair)

Silje finally came to visit yesterday and tried the dress and two skirts I made for her. The skirts fit great...but the dress didn't! 😭 It was a bit too tight...I'll have to try to fix that, but not sure how much I can do...and it'll have to wait after the collection is done (I'm really not in the mood for fixing). But lesson learned: I'm never making her things again without a fitting session or two in the middle!

And this is my hundredth post! Yippiiieee πŸ˜ƒ