Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Capetown ... An absolute favorite!

I can't believe i haven't written anything about this gorgeous city yet. I loved it! I just did!

I came there with my vessel and had a 2 day stay there, work during the night, touring the place during the day, getting little sleep and waking up for the shift knackered, but who cares?!

We were at Duncan's dock, the thing right across those port hangars was Victoria and Alfred's waterfront, basically one of the busiest shopping/hanging out spots in the city, so as the day started with sun shining, beautiful weather and work finished, the mood was just right in the first place to go out. Lunch at a steak house at the waterfront, then the open roof tour bus all around the place, through the busy streets, famous building, historical and cultural places, muslim quarter, table mountain, the beaches. Awesome! We absolutely loved it!

Those apartments on the man made little harbors were just gorgeous, real luxury! I wonder what one of those might cost :s

Next day was dedicated for shopping and more hanging out at V&A waterfront and another great meal there. I bought a shirt that i love and wear a lot :) That's happy shopping :)

Taxis around the city reminded me of Cairo taxis though, although the prices are decent, a lot of the cars are pretty shabby, they do the purpose though, got me where i needed and back, no problem, safe and sound.

I'd love to go back there, this is definitely on my top 5 destinations so far! Beauty!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Back to Scandi4: Nice little Fredrikstad

I'm a person who highly values a nice relaxing weekend at home with my husband, and there's hardly anything i would give that up for. Still don't know why we decided to go out on Saturday to a new place, it had to be close enough for a day trip and have just enough to see in one day without rushing. Living in Oslo at the time Fredrikstad was a natural choice, and i personally didn't even know what to expect.

I was quite positively surprised by the landscape design of the old town, turns out this city used to be a capital of some sort, it's got a few old castles around, still got it's old city wall and a monument of king Fredrik, after whom the city was named.

It's a nice place to just go around, walk the old town, enjoy the old architecture, then wander into the new part of the city for a reality hit coming out of some kind of fairytale place.

I enjoyed my day there although it started raining on us by the end of it, but that's when we got into this good looking Mexican restaurant, had nachos and stuff then headed home.

I liked it, it's worth a visit. And if it's summer, maybe you should also get to Hvaler, a group of little islands right outside Fredrikstad on the fjord ... a very popular summer spot for the Norwegians :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


I've been here twice, both unintentionally, both short, therefore i don't have that much to say about it.
First time was thanks to a port stay that was suddenly moved from Den Helder to IJmuiden, resulting in me being half an hour from the city, together with 3 others from the boat we got on the fast boat and went into Amsterdam, walked around a little bit, found the red light district, basically a quick pace two hours with the following impression: Dirty, crowded, boring and low ... really low.Second time it was a last minute flight change because of an Aeroflot screw-up that left me in Amsterdam for 7 hours, this time it was a relaxed walking around, different streets, further into the city, nice sunny weather, this time i actually enjoyed it, it felt quite different from the first time i came here, i suppose it wasn't really a time for tourism, giving the city a more sincere look, my walk was really nice, followed by some fruitful shopping :) Amsterdam is not bad at all :)