Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Scandinavia part 1: Oslo,A really cool weekend

Last weekend, i've been to Oslo both on Friday and all Saturday!

That was really cool! Oslo is not a big city (especially when comparing it with our dear old CairoImage).

It happenned that Erik, a friend of mine was in Oslo on these days so we agreed to meet, Friday was a relaxing night and dinner in Oslo, we went around the center of the city and the harbor area, with people all around enjoying their weekendImage, with the great weather and great food afterwards on board of the sea, the night was just awesome!

Saturday was another day to remember, i went to Oslo with a colleague from the course at midday, met with Erik again and we walked all around the city, in the small streets, through the street markets there, through parks, seen the royal palace (it's not that impressive by the wayImage), went to Vigelandsparken with all the statues, it's a very famous park there, went also to the student and immigrant area there, then city center again, had nice chats sitting in different places Image.

I believe these two days will be the best in all my stay in Norway , and Erik if you ever happen to read this, thanks a lot, you made my weekend, you're really the best Image. Tusen Takk Image

I'm planning for my coming weekends here, they must be special and enjoyable and i have some ideas already, but as usual i'm not telling you about them yet Image.

Stay tuned though Image

Sunday, 17 September 2006

Heading to Norge

A new adventure has just begun, i'm sitting right at this moment at the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, Holland, waiting for my flight to my next destination, my home for the next six and a half weeks, Norway.

I'll be having my start school there, which will last for 6 weeks then another three days for small boat training, i'm really excited about Norway and feel it's gonna be interesting and i'm gonna enjoy it. and if i played it right i'll have enough time to go around, seeing Oslo and maybe other Schengen countries if i decide to.

Till now i haven't met Izak (my south african colleague) although he's supposed to take the same flight to Norway, but he still has some time to show up, maybe he's just sitting somewhere else. Well if i don't meet him here, i'll definitely do in Asker tomorrow (he he).

The weather here is a bit cloudy but sun is peeking out every now and then making it really nice, and sitting here with a slightly sunny window is really delightful. Already brought the Dutch presents for my friends and sisters, only my mother left, coz most probably that's gonna be a big one, maybe one of the plates i saw, and as usual i couldn't resist a new mug Image

I still have 45 minutes to take off, which means maximum 30 till boarding, that i don't know actually what to do with, i'm sitting here writing meaningless stuff just to let time pass, i don't like waiting for long, besides, we still have a journey from Oslo to Asker but this one should be fun.

I hope internet in the hotel is for free for us Western Gecans, because sitting without it isn't gonna be nice and paying hotel rates is even less nice, i want to be able to have some time off, chat with friends and family.

Ok, i'm getting bored of writing already, so i'll finish now and maybe play a game or read and wait for my boarding...see you in Asker :)

p.s. Izak didn't show up, hope he doesn't have any problems back there, and internet is really for free for us Western Gecans Image

Sunday, 10 September 2006

Out and about in Cairo

I was sitting with my friends thinking where should we go when we meet next time...The answer was strange but all accepted the idea for some reason, we decided to go to the Egyptian museam although we've been there more than once.

The day turned out to be really nice, we met early, had traditional Egyptian breakfast together then headed to the museam, the place is just huge, it's a two story building but each of them takes you ages to go through it, and ages more to watch everything there, We went around till we stopped feeling our legs and then decided that it's more than enoug today and headed for our next spot.

That spot was actually a ride, in Cairo there's an old means of transport known as river bus, it doesn't go to many places of course (logically, as it only goes along a part of the river) and stops working as a public transport really early, after that it goes out in small "tours" for about half an hour, where you can see the same Cairo you know so well from a totally new and quite amazing angle.

That tour gave us some time to relax and feel back our legs :) but now our tummies started singing, and that was Cinnabon's turn to help, after a hot active day, that was the best treat a person can ever have, i ate my Picanbon and started relaxing and almost falling asleep, like the rest of us as well, we called it a day, going home very happy and determined to go for another small adventure as soon as we get the chance...

Sunday, 3 September 2006


You may have some strange relationships but if you get down to it, there's really nothing strange about it. I know a lot of people, very few are real friends, and i'm very satisfied with that, and very comfortable with it.

Nowadays, i'm travelling a lot, getting to know new people on the way, some of them are just colleagues, some may turn to good friends, nobody knows how it'll be.

My way? Try! Never judge someone before you really know them, go with it till the end and never be afraid to try, because if you don't you'll never know, and you may be losing something.

Sometimes a person can be so different from you, maybe absolutely different, different culture, different traditions, different religion, different way of thinking, but they may end up as your best friend, someone you can really trust, someone who'll always be there for you. The one really important advise here: Never be afraid to try.

As time goes by, and you look back at your life, you'll see that your friends are a treasure you have, a treasure that can last forever...

Who's that girl?!

To start, let me tell you a little about myself.

I'm a 23 years old girl, that tries to do what she enjoys and tries to enjoy what she does.

I was born in Ukraine, my mother's home country, lived there for 5 years, but i had a Jordanian father, so at that age i moved with my mother to Jordan, i started going to school there, i got two sisters during this period and at the age of 8 we moved to Egypt.

This is the country i spent most of my life in, i went to school there, i went to University there (by the way, i'm an electronics & communications engineer), i got my first job there. All my friends are Egyptian (well, most of them).

I got a new job just a few months ago, and now i'm travelling all around the world with it, and to tell the truth ... i really enjoy that. I work on a seismic exploration vessel (sounds big, huh?).

I really enjoy reading, i read any book that gets in my hands, and even if it's not interesting, i'll read it till the end, i like to give the author a chance, i criticise only after getting the whole picture.

I also enjoy swimming and snorkling, Sharm el Sheikh on the Red Sea is my favourite spot, hot weather, cool sea, beautiful atmosphere, that place really makes me feel good and relaxed (not talking about the nice tan).

Travelling is an obsession, i love travelling, and i love going alone around cities, why alone? because all my time will be for watching the place, taking pictures and thinking, thinking and thinking.

I've been to a number of countries: Ukraine, Russia, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Poland, Emirates and Scotland. And of course i have maps of most of the cities i've been to: Kiev, Moscow, Cairo, Warsaw, Aberdeen, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and London. I love collecting maps and love taking photographs of places i've been to.

Now, i'm looking forward to my next trip. Where? i'm not telling you ... yet :)